AeroLap v4 Release History


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GUI Automation ADAMS«/VI-grade
4.5.23-4 FIX Changes to stop rare problem where simulation cycles endlessly on one corner
4.5.22 FIX Internal changes to edit dialogs to prevent crashing on some systems    
4.5.21 NEW Track.SegmentWindSpeed, SegmentWindDirection added  
4.5.20 FIX Could fail to solve circuits with hairpins
4.5.19 NEW Minor UI changes    
4.5.18 NEW XTI_* channels added, return tyre scrub forces
  FIX Events using external dlls are not saved to the Run History because external dll state cannot be restored from within AeroLap    
4.5.17 FIX Modules had same limitations as components in UI    
4.5.16 FIX/NEW Various fixes and improvements to the Aero Trim component editor    
  NEW Aero.CloneAll method added    
4.5.15 FIX Tyres with variable loaded radius not initialised when copying from LH to RH using "auto copy" feature in UI    
  FIX Possible to cycle infinitely with some corner conditions
4.5.14 FIX Full steering lock was not available in some circumstances resulting in reduced corner speeds around hairpins
  NEW Channel Properties dialog has drop down pick list for Same As property    
  FIX Engine.AirboxEfficiency was marked as Hidden in AeroLapCalc    
  FIX Minor UI fixes    
4.5.13 NEW Multiple engine maps can be defined by track position
  FIX CVT option did not handle case where rpm limit was below engine power curve peak
4.5.11-4.5.12 FIX Components sometimes could not be saved under new file name    
  FIX Vertical load header values only copied into first page when defining tyre loaded radius tables in the user interface    
  NEW Tyre components self-check vertical load headers for integrity
4.5.7-4.5.10 NEW Bumprubber allowed for centre spring
  NEW Droop gap allowed for centre spring
  NEW DD_F/R (damper displacement), DC_F/R (bumprubber clearance), SL_FC/RC (velocity ratio) channels added for centre springs
  NEW Channels Properties dialog now uses channel number formats to display Min/Max values    
  FIX FlexLM licensing now allowed alongside dongle licensing  
4.5.0-4.5.6 NEW Full geometric slip angles modelled (note small changes to all laptimes)
  NEW User defined steering geometry (Ackermann effects) added
  NEW User choice of cornering speed tolerance in solver
  NEW Run History list added - click to select previous runs    
  NEW Solver option to iterate to reduce unbalanced moments
  NEW Exact slip angle solutions
  NEW Improved fidelity in moment and force calculations
  FIX Minor graphing issue
  FIX Channels were removed after renaming a view
  FIX Centre velocity ratio treated as 1
  FIX Theoretically possible infinite loop fixed
  NEW Improved graph appearance    
4.4.13 FIX Multiple engine was broken
4.4.12 FIX Issue with Suspension input form, issue when opening archived dmp files    
4.4.11 NEW Engine maps can now be a function of gear as well as rpm, throttle
  IS_CVT and ROLLING_RESISTANCE now imported from VI-Sportscar files    
  Minor fixes to UI      
4.4.8-10 NEW Made Track compatible with controllers that don't use vertical curvature    
  NEW External engine model can now use CVT option    
4.4.7 NEW %F Ground roll moment channel added
4.4.5-6 NEW Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option added to gearbox
4.4.4 NEW Zoom added to Scatter plot    
  NEW Show Markers option added to all plots    
  Help contents revised    
4.4.3 NEW Scatter plot and time plot added    
4.4.2 NEW Track vertical curvature added
4.4.1 NEW Engine power limit licence option added
4.4.0a Revised installer
4.4.0 NEW Network licensing option added  
  Minor fixes
4.3.12 Minor fixes  
4.3.2-4.3.11 NEW Front/RearDownforceModifiers added to Aero component  
  NEW Licence folder can be set in registry  
  Fix for multi-line comments from AeroContour EXT files    
  Minor UI fixes  
4.3.1 Minor UI fixes    
4.3.0 AeroVariable Component editor added with graphical view of data    
4.2.1 New tabbed view interface, allowing multiple graph, table and report views (replaces Custom Groups functionality). Graph views are automatically built from existing custom group definitions, if present.    
  "Show statistics only" option added to report view    
  Some error messages improved
4.1.3 Fixed no engine channel licence for ADAMS users    
  Fixed potential perpetual braking problem on ill conditioned road course laps
  Fixed could only import using default settings    
  Minor UI improvements    
  Help updated    
4.1.2 More internationally aware - only applies to Windows using languages other than English
  Minor UI improvements    
4.1.2 Made more internationally aware - applies to Windows using languages other than English
  Minor UI improvements    
4.1.1 /Settings and /Diagnostics output folders now under current user Application Data path to handle some Windows security policies
  Installer now installs for All Users not Current User
  Fixed error when importing data with lap distance channel in first column    
  Minor UI improvements    
4.1.0 Fixed vertical link loads not transmitted to tyre contact patches
  Improved road course driver behaviour through some types of corner - now carries more speed through
  Minor UI improvements    
4.0.82 Fixed could not copy/paste in Tyre Component editor    
  Fixed occasional badly formatted module names in Report    
4.0.81 Corrected application root data folder when reading from registry key
  Fixed unhelpful error messages from UI when bad licence    
4.0.80 Fixed incorrect dependency
4.0.79 Commercial release      
  Fixed official track length not converted into user units    
  Added centre spring rate, motion ratio and gap to ADAMS translator    
4.0.78 Release candidate      
  Fixed track Z values always 0 when reading ADAMS dco files    
  Fixed Environment editor always shows default properties when opened    
  Fixed incomprehensible start up error messages
  Installer now creates shortcut to app data folder in Start menu
  Installer now checks for 32bit min colour depth
  Export data writes speed, distance values to full available precision, was 3dp
  Faster export, full precision numbers
  New option to export all channels added to main form    
  Help updated    
4.0.77 β Work in progress      
  Event tree mouse and keyboard handling improved    
  Report now uses same file name format as run log    
  User no longer needs administrator rights to run AeroLap
  Application data now written to Windows common application data folder
  Fixed error when exporting imported data    
  Fixed UI errors in Environment and Chassis module editors in Windows 98    
  Fixed imported channel properties lost
  Fixed rolling start speed not used in speedway flying lap
  Better handling errors when loading an Event
4.0.76 β Work in progress
  UI improvements      
  Modelling improvements      
4.0.76 β Work in progress
  UI improvements      
  Modelling improvements      
4.0.75 β Work in progress
  Fixed incorrect central demand      
  QCDE added      
  Changed formatting for data object paths in run log      
4.0.74 β Work in progress
4.0.73 β Work in progress
  Now raises error when loading wrong file versions      
  Fixed missing Aero group in Select Channels dialog      
  Writes file extensions to log      
  Converts large radius elements to straights when importing .dco files      
4.0.72 β Work in progress
  Fixed data input errors      
  Internal changes      
  Help changes      
  Fixed fatal error when using setup wheels      
  Removed vertical link effect      
  UI improvements      
  Now does not write out results if unsuccessful during command line run      
4.0.71 β beta release history starts