AeroContour Release History


Version Description


2.1.0 NEW Uses latest *.lic licence type, so new licence files required
  NEW Integrated Help files added
  NEW Installer rewritten
2.0.12 FIX Problem extending some files with certain inch values
2.0.8-11 NEW Apply button in Edit Data dialog
  NEW Print dialog now allows plot groups to be printed, paper orientation to be set
  NEW Print Setup menu item deleted, Setup function moved to Print dialog
  NEW Project folder now implicitly set, explicit control removed from Options dialog
  FIX Sometimes used incorrect super-triangle excluding some points
  FIX Multi-plot print could overlap description text
2.07 FIX incorrect warning of repeated ride heights with some data sets
2.0.6 !NOTE New licence.txt files required with this major upgrade
  First release of v2
  Backwards compatible with v1.x .DAT files
  Completely updated and improved user interface: more features, even easier to use
  Fully automatic gridding
  Two slots for datasets
  Swap between dataset views freely
  Overlay either dataset on the other
  Plot the difference between two datasets automatically