Ansible Design can undertake bespoke software and hardware projects for customers, either customising existing Ansible Design software to cater for a particular requirement, or creating entirely new software for your specific needs. Projects undertaken have ranged in scope from 1 man week to 3 man years. Clients have ranged from F3000 teams to Formula One.

Ansible Design offers proven strengths in:

  • Data visualisation and analysis 

  • Numerical simulations

  • User interface design

  • Software project management and outsourcing

  • Data acquisition 

  • Test equipment automation

Projects have been undertaken for a number of clients:

  • Xtrac Limited - Ansible Design specified and built the control, data acquisition and test executive software for the Xtrac Differential Test Rig and Four Square Test Rig.

  • Formula One - 26 man month project for wind tunnel data analysis.

  • Formula One - Wind tunnel model control, data acquisition and test sequencing software for a large moving ground wind tunnel.

  • Formula One - Concept and detailed user requirements design for state of the art telemetry and wire link data analysis suite.

  • IRL - Modifications to the standard Ansible Design lap simulation to allow interoperation with proprietary third party engine and tire models.

  • MotoGP and F3 - Custom radiator pressure visualisation and analysis applications


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