AeroLap v5 Release Notes

Please note: This page is significantly out of date. An updated version is being prepared.



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 Partial Roadmap

Version Description Comments
Future roadmap
  NEW Allow min. gear in corner to be specified This will change the Track module data format
  NEW Non-linear centre spring  
  NEW Torsion spring option  


Release History

Version Description Comments
Release history
  NEW Tyre model import from Pacejka coefficients  
  NEW Engine.NoEnvCompensation addded to disable air density compensation model Useful if using an already corrected engine model
  FIX General small bugs, UI improvements, help text edits  
  FIX Spurious edit change notifications reduced  
  FIX Incorrect ARBX_* channel units  
  Rebuild to fix problem with Help files  
  This is a major upgrade that improves many aspects of the simulation especially in corner speed solving Lap times will change.
  CHANGE App Release Date now 2013/9/1  
  NEW Increased number of change gears from 7 to 10; only 8 supported by UI, others accessed via API NOTE Change to Gearbox.EALGears public enum breaks AeroLapCalc2 binary compatibility
  NEW Array of SimEvent.SSGeneralValues for solver (controls cornering improvements)  
  FIX Copy matching components from F to R as well as between corners  
  FIX Small bugs in gearbox error messages and UI  
  FIX Cornering invalid lower bound detection  
  FIX Bug that overwrote other environment properties on pressure/altitude change  
  FIX Use of on-disk rather than in-memory bump rubbers for bump rubber gap display  
  FIX Units issues:
- mass units not being written to units.dat
- pressure and temperature units being reset when opening event with no units.dat file
- not recognising "in H2O" or "in Hg" pressure units
  FIX Rear bump steer being ignored  
5.5.0-5.5.3 EXPERIMENTAL
  private release This is an experimental release on restricted availability. Lap times will change.
  FIX Track problems when moving start segment from default  
  NEW Data can be exported in different formats (CSV and new Toolbox text format)  
  NEW Added SPA channel (air speed on car, equal to ground velocity + wind velocity)  
  CHANGE Changed sign of XAN to match XA  
  NEW choice of base (speed/time/distance) and format for auto-export files  
  NEW Option for unique auto-export file names  
  NEW Bump rubber gap is displayed in UI  
  CHANGE AppReleaseDate now 2013.01.01  
  NEW New OEM licensing option added Applies only to customers of that OEM
  FIX Tyre FZ values must all be > 0 (previous only checked for monotonic increasing)  
  FIX Added EngineLetState to ExternalDlls  
  FIX Throttle back-interpolation could be inaccurate  
  CHANGE Engine braking better handled when evaluating available braking grip  
  FIX Assorted minor state calculation fixes and improvements  
  FIX Bugs with tyre loaded radius variation with camber  
  FIX Torque/throttle calculations when using CVT  
  CHANGE OEM engine encryption added  
  CHANGE No longer raises msgbox with error if event history contains events with different name  
  FIX UI bug in track segment diagnostic display (displayed CzF values for CzR/Cx)  
  FIX Inventory ARB value was always 0 when torsional rate required All ARB rates now torsional not linear, before linear was used when Fixed Values used for Suspension
  FIX Rack Ratio was only correct when displacement units were mm  
  CHANGE AppReleaseDate now 2012.06.01  
  FIX Inventory ARB value was always 0 when torsional rate required Worked OK when linear rate required
  FIX Floating master licence flag now honoured  
  FIX Centre strut force was not resolved through side strut velocity ratio  
  FIX Export could fail  
  NEW Export can now be with constant distance interval, or constant time interval, in addition to previous variable segment based distance export  
  NEW Restrictions on DLTS customers creating Suspension Variable, Aero Variable and Tyre components removed Only applies to DLTS users
  NEW Added engine power limit to DLTS licence Only applies to DLTS users
  NEW Added anti-roll bar force transfer channels ARBX_F/R  
  NEW Added anti-roll bar deflection channels ARBI_F/R  
  NEW Added external engine model OEM licensing option Note! External engine interface 2.0 no longer supported, replaced by 2.1
Note! New licence is required to use HPD engine model
  FIX Incorrect camber and rack travel interpolation fixed  
  NEW Tyre loaded radius channels TLR_* added Info was available from tyre deflection channel and unloaded radius
  CHANGE Reinstated ability to read old EXTENDED 1.2 format AeroVariable files generated by AeroContour  
  FIX Additions for ExtGeneric customer specific
  FIX Incorrect throttle reported on over-run (lap time not affected)  
  FIX Brake roll off rate could be integrated wrongly under some circumstances, causing disjoint brake application rates  
  NEW Option in the UI to plot Suspension Variable graphs against rack travel or strut length  
  FIX  Convergence could be erroneously detected when finding corner speed  
  FIX Downshift rpm might be not honoured during braking when there are additional corner segments nearby  
  NEW Additional functions for team-specific external generic dll Does not apply to general users
  CHANGE History no longer discarded when opening event from the same project folder as the last  
  NEW LDIS is now pre-calculated and made available to external dlls in PartialState Applies only to external dll users
  NEW Q* channels are made available to external dlls in PartialState  
  FIX Error when exporting channels with imported channels  
  NEW Minimum allowed corner speed is now user configurable  
  NEW Max rpm can be specified for top gear independent of max engine rpm  
  FIX Old Susp Variable files now correctly upgraded to latest version SUSPVAR 1.1 upgrades to SUSPVAR 2.2
  NEW Anti-roll bar is now fully non-linear function of strut length and rack travel Important! See application release note for details of data upgrades
  FIX Occasional possible "Data Changed" warning on exiting AeroLap  
  CHANGE Engine Power and Engine Energy channels (EE, EP) now found even when decelerating This allows negative engine power values
  FIX UI issues when using external tyre model  
  NEW Additional TRR_* Tyre Rolling Radius channels added  
  NEW External Generic DLL interface released Requires special licence
  CHANGE Gear changes during braking phase now always honour down-change RPM Down-changes will tend to occur later
  CHANGE Gear choice at corner apex revised to fit in with revised braking phase strategy above Apex gears may be higher than before
  FIX Power is now always removed as soon as a gear change is initiated De-clutch was one time step out of phase
  CHANGE Overall gear ratio is now reported as 0 during gear changes No effect on time
  FIX Too low an apex gear could be chosen  
  FIX Power could be removed due to anticipated gear changes that didn't occur Was rare
  NEW GR overall gear ratio channel added  
  FIX Bump Rubber component tables could not be pasted in  
  NEW TRR_* tyre rolling radius output channels added  
  FIX Error when redimensioning blank Engine module Torque data table in UI  
  FIX Suspension Inventory file arb values not handled when written with comma decimal separators  
  CHANGE Suspension Inventory spring/arb values can now be 0  
  NEW Encrypted files have added MODEL, YEAR fields for easier debugging  
  Application Release Date now 01/01/2011 Check your licence before upgrading
  FIX Suspension Inventory file spring values not handled when written with comma decimal separators  
  FIX Could fail to solve when fixed suspension component used  
  FIX WTOffset fields in Aero module editor would not accept decimal separator  
  FIX 0 length element check in Track did not always work as expected  
  FIX Wind Speed column units in Track editor not converted to user units (assumed to be m/s)  
  FIX Distance column in Track Profile editor was read only  
  CHANGE Widened drop downs in Suspension module editor and added tooltips