DLTS is licensed by USB dongle and licence. The dongle is supplied direct by Dallara Automobili. Dallara will also arrange for you to receive a licence file by email. Contact Dallara for this.

To install DLTS the first time:

1    Download and install the latest version from www.downloads.ansibledesign.com

2    Download and install the USB dongle drivers from the same page

3    Run DLTS. Because there is no licence yet, the Licence Utility dialog appears. Click the Open licence folder button. Windows Explorer will open at the Licensing folder. Unzip the licence file attached to this email and copy it to that folder. Close the Licence Utility.

4     Attach the dongle to the PC and run DLTS again.

To upgrade DLTS to a later version:

1    Download and run the latest installer.

2    Previous versions will automatically be uninstalled and replaced with the new version. The existing USB dongle drivers will be left in place.